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The Year of the Dragon and Ketubah Art

The Lunar New Year welcomes in the Year of the Dragon, celebrated throughout Asia and the rest of the world. This lunar calendar is based on the Chinese zodiac, with each year in the Chinese zodiac associated with one of twelve animals and one of five elements. The year 2024 is known as the Year of the Wood Dragon.

Dragon Energy Wall Art

Although the Jewish calendar is also considered a lunar calendar, in actuality, it is a lunisolar calendar – based on both lunar and solar cycles. So Jewish holidays shift slightly from year to year, but stay aligned with the seasons.

Dragon Love Giclee Ketubah

Although the dragon is not specifically a Jewish symbol, Jewish culture has always been influenced by its surroundings. Jews who lived in the Greek empire, took on Greek names and customs (the Passover Afikoman is directly linked to dessert at the end of Greek feasts). Similarly, Jews in medieval Spain (Al Andalus) and in modern Europe and North America, have adopted names, dress and customs from these countries. Even the influence of Steampunk and Fantasy Art has found its way to the art of the Ketubah, as illustrated by Mickie’s beautiful dragons on wall art & the Dragon Love Ketubah.

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