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The Year of the Dragon and Ketubah Art

The Lunar New Year welcomes in the Year of the Dragon, celebrated throughout Asia and the rest of the world. This lunar calendar is based on the Chinese zodiac, with each year in the Chinese zodiac associated with one of twelve animals and one of five elements. The year 2024 is known as the Year […]

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Brit Mitzvah

Many Jewish children approaching age 13 may feel anxious about the ceremony. They may be struggling to learn Hebrew letters and to chant their Torah portion, all under the looming pressure of stepping in front of a congregation and participating in a public service. For some Jewish children, these stresses are only compounded when they […]

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Good Health Blessings

Good Health Blessings Mickie has created a beautiful line of Custom Good Health Blessings Fine Art Prints using modern giclée printing technology to bring you Customizable Art and Personalized Gifts. These custom giclée prints are fully customizable and specifically designed to be shared and given as a truly one-of-a-kind personalized gift. Good Health Blessings Fine […]

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What is a Hamsa? Is a Hamsa Jewish?

GA-3d Hamsa Wall Art BLUE

Although the Hamsa originated in the Middle East and predates the major Western religions, it has become a symbol of good luck in many societies throughout history. In all faiths, it is a protective sign and is reputed to bring its owner happiness, luck, health and good fortune. The Hamsa design is derived from the […]

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TZEDAKAH Although the word ‘tzedakah’ is usually translated as ‘charity’, the root of the word is ‘Tzedek’ which means ‘justice”. In the Jewish tradition, charity is only one aspect of tzedakah, which includes truthfulness, uprightness, honesty, righteousness and justice. Tzedakah is more than charity: it is an obligation, whereas charity is understood as an act […]

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Unique Ketubah Designs… even Dragons?

Unique Ketubah Original hand painted Dragons

What says “I’ll love you forever” more than dragons? I love listening to the interesting ideas that couples envision adorning their unique ketubah, and then trying to create a work of art for them that is a manifestation of their own ideas and a creative expression of who they are as a couple. From teacups, […]

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Tu B’Shevat!

Tu B'Shevat

Happy Tu B’Shevat! It’s still snowing here in Massachusetts so it’s hard to celebrate the Jewish New Year for trees by actually planting a tree. So I did the next best thing and bought flowers to brighten up our lives! One Tu B’Shevat custom that I especially like is to eat a new fruit on […]