Mickie Caspi Personalizing Ketubot

Ketubah Slide Show

Mickie Caspi has been creating Ketubot since 1980. Her offset lithographs offer beautiful designs and a variety of pre-printed ketubah texts at an affordable price. You can view all of the ketubot by Mickie Caspi in a convenient slide show format in her Ketubah Gallery. Feel free to click on the full size image to take you to the individual ketubah product page for additional information or to place your order.

Ketubah Gallery Slide Show


  • The slide show starts automatically.
  • Hover over an image to pause the slide show.
  • The name of the ketubah will be visible as you hover over the image.
  • Use your scroll wheel to enlarge an image.
  • Click on any thumbnail at the bottom of the green slide show box to jump to that image.
  • Click on the white arrow to go forward or backward one image at a time.

Full Screen

  • View all of the ketubot in a large, full screen mode slide show.
  • Click the icon on the top left of the green box to launch full screen mode
  • Use Esc on your keyboard to exit full screen mode.

To return to standard browsing, click the link to view Mickie’s Ketubah Shop and scroll through each available ketubah individually. You can also click to view Mickie’s Original Ketubot to view handcrafted, beautifully painted rich and vibrant illuminations.