C - Lieberman Clause with English (Conservative)

The Lieberman Clause with English (Conservative) text is almost the same text as the Traditional Aramaic. A new clause is added essentially stating that in the case of a civil divorce, either the husband or wife can appear before the Bet Din (rabbinic court) to request a “Get” (a Jewish divorce document). According to Jewish law, without this document, a woman is still legally married to her husband. If she wants to remarry and she doesn’t have a “Get”, any children that she would have with the second husband would be considered illegitimate. Conservative Rabbis often prefer the Lieberman Clause text to protect the woman in the unlikely event that a man refuses to grant her a “Get”, so please check with your rabbi first. Orthodox Rabbis do not accept the Lieberman Clause, so in fact it only relates to a Conservative Bet Din. The English portion is NOT a translation of the Aramaic, but rather a contemporary text written by Mickie & Eran.

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