Ahava Ketubah


15.75 × 15.75 in

Each Ketubah is a limited edition offset lithograph, individually pencil signed and numbered by Mickie. If a text is no longer available, it will not appear in the drop-down menu of available texts below.


The word Ahava (אהבה) means love in Hebrew. The Ahava Ketubah is the smallest offset lithograph ketubah created by Mickie Caspi in 2009 and printed in Israel (on archival paper). Its tiny, delicate flowers embellish a deep cobalt blue background to create a stylistically simple yet harmonious ketubah. Unlike traditional watercolor, the gouache paint used is opaque and creates a sense of Opulence, accented with gold foil and a golden trim. For those who prefer a smaller Jewish wedding contract, the Ahava Ketubah is rich and elegant.

For the B- Traditional Aramaic with Contemporary English (Orthodox) text, the two witnesses sign in both Hebrew & English.

If you would like to read the available ketubah texts, visit the Read Ketubah Texts page. Or, if you would like Mickie to customize the Ahava Ketubah to create an original, you can see options either at her Etsy Shop or her Original Gallery.


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