Hamsa Home Blessing


11 × 15 in

Ready to Hang, Silver Frame and Brique Mat, 11×15 Finished Size

You can order the print only, with no frame and no mat, for $29.99. Check the box below for a $90 discount.


Hamsa Home Blessing

The Hamsa Home Blessing Framed Art Print by Mickie Caspi is a beautiful addition to any home. It is a wonderful gift or stunning artwork for you own home. In this art print, Mickie has created a delicate background that accentuates the highly detailed and imaginative Hamsa. It comes matted, framed and ready to hang.

The word Hamsa is derived from the Semitic word for ‘Five’ and is represented by the open hand. It is an amulet to ward off the evil eye and protect the home from danger. The origins of the hamsa have been attributed to Jewish, Islamic and Christian faith and this unknowing has increased its mystery. It has nonetheless become recognized today as an important symbol in Jewish and Kabbalistic art. As a gift, the Hamsa Home Blessing by Mickie is appropriate for Jewish and non-Jewish families and individuals alike.

Available in Silver Frame and Brique Mat

Actual quotes from the Hamsa Home Blessing Framed Art Print

May this home be blessed with peace and tranquility


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