Huppa Original Ketubah


16 × 22 in

Mickie Caspi's Original Ketubot are a one of a kind, hand drawn and painted watercolor illumination on heavy Strathmore paper.


Huppa Original Ketubah by Mickie

Mickie Caspi’s Huppa Original Ketubah is a one of a kind, hand drawn and painted watercolor illumination on heavy Strathmore paper. Her Original Watercolor Art has vibrant colors and tones that are stunning and brilliant. Now you can purchase one of Mickie’s Original Creations for your wedding and to enjoy for the rest of your life together.

One lovely aspect of a Jewish wedding is choosing your first work of art together as a couple, and jointly deciding on an appropriate text that reflects your ideals and beliefs. Although more expensive than an offset lithograph or giclee print, an original ketubah takes more time and Mickie’s undivided attention to your personal requests. It will become a treasured piece of art that will grace your home and become a family heirloom.

Mickie created the Huppa Original Ketubah in 1998. In this simple, yet elegant design, wisteria and white apple blossoms intertwine to form a graceful wedding canopy. Although the limited edition lithograph of this design is no longer available, you can have the original handcrafted design of the Huppa Original Ketubah by Mickie.

In addition to the Huppa Original Ketubah featured here, that Mickie has already created, you may commission a Unique and Custom Ketubah that she will personally design especially for you. You may contact us by phone (800-538-8268) or email to discuss your options. Please allow 4-6 weeks for the Huppa Original Ketubah, and 8-12 weeks if you would like to make changes and commission a Unique and Custom Ketubah.


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