Jewish Prayer for the Physician


Ready to Hang, Cherry Frame -or- Gold Frame and Seaside Tan Mat, 18×18 Finished Size

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Jewish Prayer for the Physician by Mickie Caspi

The Jewish Prayer for the Physician, attribute to Maimonides (the Rambam), is an emotional plea by the healer for guidance. The twelve tribes, a mortar & pestle, medicinal herbs, and Moses’ brass serpent symbolize the healing art. A meaningful gift for any recent graduate or a perfect thank you gift for that special healer.

Available with Cherry Frame and Seaside Tan Mat -or- Gold Frame and Seaside Tan Mat

Actual English Text:

O Benevolent God
Thou hast created the human being with infinite wisdom. Thou hast blessed Thine earth, Thy
mountains and Thy rivers with healing substances that enable Thy children to alleviate their
sufferings and to heal their illnesses. Thou hast chosen me to keep vigil over the life and well
being of ‏Thy creations.
Purify me and fill my heart with love for my art and for Thy creations. Endow me with strength
of mind and heart so that both be always ready to serve all that need me, be they rich or poor,
good or wicked, friend or foe. Let me never see in the sufferer anything else but a fellow human
being in pain.
Grant me perseverance to continually expand my knowledge, for wisdom is boundless and can
extend infinitely to enrich the human mind with new discoveries.
O Compassionate God
Thou hast chosen me to watch over the health of Thy creations. I now apply myself to my
calling. Support and strengthen me in my task so that I may aid those in need.
Prayer For The Physician – Maimonides


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