Man of Honor Torah


18 × 18 in

Ready to Hang, Gold Frame and White Mat, 18×18 Finished Size

You can order the print only, with no frame and no mat, for $34.99. Check the box below for a $105 discount.


Man of Honor Torah Framed Art

Ideal for a Rabbi or Cantor tribute gift or a wonderful birthday or fathers’ day gift, this “Man of Honor” print is centered around the Torah, which is surrounded by a bold blue border and includes the Tree of Life quote in English and Hebrew.

Available in Gold Frame and White Mat, the Man of Honor Torah Framed Art Print by Mickie is expertly framed and includes the mat, back dust cover, wire hanger and even a hook & nail for your convenience.

Actual quotes

It is a tree of life to those who firmly embrace it and those who retain their hold upon it gain happiness and fulfillment. Its ways are ways of pleasantness and all its paths are peace. Length of days are at its right, and at its left are riches and honor.
עץ־חיים היא למחזיקים בה ותמכיה מאשר׃ דרכיה דרכי־נעם וכל־נתיבתיה שלום׃ ארך ימים בימינה בשמאלה עשר וכבוד׃


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