Teachers Prayer


11 × 15 in

Ready to Hang, Gold Frame and Grape Mat, 11×15 Finished Size

You can order the print only, with no frame and no mat, for $29.99. Check the box below for a $90 discount.


TP-1 Teachers Prayer

Light, airy and whimsical, this Teachers Prayer has a unicorn being taught by a monkey. The sun shines above and two trees of knowledge frame the image. A great gift for a beloved teacher.

This print is ready to hang, matted and framed (even with a little nail and hook added in for good measure! All you need is a hammer.) and is an excellent gift, or a lovely work of art to hang in your home.

Available in Gold Frame and Grape Mat

Teachers Prayer Actual Text

Knowledge is immense
The mind can extend infinitely
Learning is a lifelong endeavor of the highest order

May my love for teaching continually inspire me to enrich and develop my skills. May I be patient and steadfast as I apply myself to my profession.

May I have the strength of heart, the purpose of mind, and the gentleness of soul to educate, nurture and guide those in my care.

May the daily challenges I face become opportunities for personal growth. As I share my knowledge and experience, may I remain open to continually laern from my students.

“Incline thine ear, and hear the words of the wise, and apply thy heart unto knowledge.”


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