Thank You Parents “Song”


18 × 18 in

Ready to Hang, Gold Frame and Spice Mat, 18×18 Finished Size

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Thank You Parents “Song”

As a gift from a bride or groom to his or her parents during the wedding ceremony, this print honors the parents for their role in raising the family. The text of this print is appropriate for parents of all faiths.

Wedding gifts for parents are a thoughtful way for a bride or groom to thank her or his parents during the wedding ceremony. The Thank You Parents “Song” Framed Print by Mickie is a meaningful and unique tribute to the parents who helped the bride and groom arrive at this special occasion. It honors the parents and thanks them for raising the family and above all teaching them about sharing love.

If you would like to commission an Original Parents Gift, you can also view handcrafted, beautifully painted rich and vibrant illuminations in Mickie’s Original Art Gallery to get inspiration.

Actual Text – Appropriate for parents of all faiths

“You have created a home filled with love and laughter, integrity and learning, compassion and generosity. We will strive to follow your example and create a loving environment rich in traditions and dedicated to peace, hope and respect for all people.

Your blessings allow us to enter our marriage with hearts full of confidence, trust and joy. You have bestowed upon us a great treasure – the ability to share our love.”


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