Tree of Life Original Ketubah


18 × 23.5 in

An Original Hand Painted Ketubah by Mickie Caspi is a one of a kind, hand drawn and painted watercolor illumination on heavy Strathmore paper.


Tree of Life Original Ketubah Hand Painted by Mickie Caspi

“The Tree of Life Original Ketubah is a hand painted original watercolor that I created in 2006. Usually I work very tightly and exactly, but I wanted to do something loose and folksy. (This is hard for me!) This ketubah shows the Tree Of Life (a metaphor for the Torah) in a whimsical background of a starry evening sky comprised of many washes of blue. In the tree are many different kinds of fruit, flowers and singing birds. The Biblical quote “I have found the one in whom my soul delights” in English and in Hebrew sits at the base of the ketubah as a foundation for a strong marriage. The English is in gold paint and the Hebrew is a transparent green wash. Your own text will be hand calligraphed in the space under the tree. The price includes your own text that I will calligraph into the design by hand.” The Tree of Life Original Ketubah is also available as an Offset Lithograph Ketubah.

Mickie Caspi’s Original Ketubot are one of a kind, hand drawn and painted watercolor illuminations on heavy Strathmore paper. Her Original Watercolor Art has vibrant colors and tones that are stunning and brilliant. Now you can purchase one of Mickie’s Original Creations for your wedding. You will be able to enjoy the Original Art for the rest of your life together.

The price includes your own text calligraphed by Mickie by hand. At the center of the design, your text will include all of your pertinent information. We can help you with spelling, dates and other information (Mickie speaks and writes both English and Hebrew). She has been crafting ketubot for brides and grooms as a full time job for over 34 years. Mickie has a lot of experience with all kinds of requests.

If you like this design, but would like it to be a little different – colors, shape, take out something, put in something, even paper cut, or just exactly the same, but newer and made just for you, or if you have any questions at all, don’t be shy! Just call (1-800-KETUBOT) or email! That’s what we are here for.

One lovely aspect of a Jewish wedding is choosing your first work of art together as a couple. You can jointly decide on an appropriate text that reflects your ideals and beliefs. An original ketubah is more expensive than an offset lithograph or giclee print. This is because an original ketubah takes more time and Mickie’s undivided attention to your personal requests. It will become a treasured piece of art that will grace your home and become a family heirloom.


The best time to order your Tree of Life Original Ketubah is at least four months before your wedding. We understand that the best laid plans sometimes go awry and very often Mickie will end up doing a rush original ketubah – some as late as a month before the wedding. It’s usually not too late to receive a hand painted personalized ketubah, but Mickie is not a machine. She is sometimes out of town or sick. Please CALL (1-800-KETUBOT) or email if your wedding date is a month or less away to make sure that she can complete your ketubah for you! When ordering, please tell us your wedding date. We will ensure that your ketubah arrives on time. In all the years of making ketubot, Mickie has never been late to a wedding. If you are ordering a custom, original ketubah within 4 weeks of your wedding, there will be a rush charge added of $350. Please contact us to make sure there is enough time to create your custom ketubah. Mickie would love to do it for you!


You can use any of the wide range of texts that we offer (Read Ketubah Texts) or write your own text and customize it as much as you like.

Custom ketubot ship flat in protective packaging.


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