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Wedding Rituals

Wedding Rituals differ by culture, country and customs. According to the NY Times, a “traditional Indian wedding can last days, and rituals include the bride kicking over a pot of rice and dance competitions between Team Bride and Team Groom.” Further, the Times reports that part of the ritual includes the bride and groom circling a fire seven times.

In a traditional Jewish wedding, the bride circles the groom seven times and in many modern Jewish weddings both the bride and groom take turns circling each other. Are there correlations or is it merely a coincidence. How many other cultures include a similar ritual.

Wedding Greeting Card by Mickie Caspi
WD604 Wedding Greeting Card by Mickie Caspi

In the Indian wedding, “the bride kicks a pot of rice over the threshold of her in-laws’ home. The messy act symbolizes that the new family will have so much wealth that they will have rice to spare.” In the Jewish wedding, the groom breaks a glass representing that love, like glass, is fragile and must be protected. There are other interpretations to the breaking of the glass and in many modern Jewish wedding ceremonies, especially same-sex weddings, both beloveds choose to break a glass, representing their equality in the marriage.

Jewish Key Chain

And finally there is the dancing. What wedding would be complete without dancing? Jewish wedding rituals might not include dance competitions, but everybody from young to old loves singing and dancing to Siman Tov U’Mazal Tov right after the glass is broken. The Jewish hora and general dancing continue throughout the celebration, often deep into the night…





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