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Caspi Cards Hanukkah

Caspi Cards Hanukkah – Mickie has created a beautiful line of artwork using giclée printing technology to bring you Personalized Lovers Gifts and Custom Baby Gifts. These custom giclée prints are fully customizable and specifically

Baby Boy Bed of Roses Yellow Baby Wall Art G-BB-14c by Mickie Caspi
Baby Boy Roses Yellow
designed to be shared and given as a truly one-of-a-kind personalized gift. Browse through the galleries to find wonderful gifts for weddings, engagements, anniversaries or a gift to say “I Love You”. Or for that new baby or birthday for a youngs child, look at the custom baby gifts gallery. When looking for a special Hanukkah Gift, you can never go wrong with a personal, custom made work of art. This new line of Custom Giclee Prints will also make wonderful Caspi Cards Hanukkah Gifts!
Lovers Gift Lovebirds Teal
Lovers Gift Lovebirds Teal
“I feel like I have been working on these forever, but I finally finished and got them up on our website! Very excited to offer my NEW line of custom baby naming certificates that can be changed and personalized for your own little baby! (Or your grandchild, or a friend’s baby…?) You can upload a picture right on the ‘Product page’ and I will incorporate it into the design. Great for new baby gifts that will last them a lifetime! Who doesn’t like seeing themselves in baby pictures?” Mickie Caspi, December 2016

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